XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
   XLX056 v2.3.5 - Dashboard v2.4.0 Welcome to SC Midlands Reflector  /  Service uptime: 1 days 06:56:52
Thank You for connecting to the SC Midlands Network. This network has grown from one talkgroup on raspberrypi to what it is today in less than a few months. Module A is the main group. Currently this network can be connected to by DMR on TGIF SC MIDLANDS talkgroup 31458, Brandmeister SC MIDLANDS 31458, Yeasu Fusion YSF 90443, DMR GATEWAY using XLX056A or DSTAR XRF or DCS 056A. Also ALLSTAR # and ECHOLINK node KN4NKO-L is connected alongside the network on Module A which opens up many capabilities to link to analog repeaters and other possibilities. Also, KW4BET, Brian has set up a six meter link to Module A 52.570FM which has very good coverage. SC-TAC on Module B is a Brandmeister talkgroup. Module C is connected to the Carolina Link. The allstar/echolink is maintained by Brian KW4BET@arrl.org and the reflector is maintained by Ross KG4NWE@scmidlands.network. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT EITHER OF THEM IF THERE ARE ANY QUESTIONS